Personal Training

A 60 min personal training session with a certified personal trainer. Personal training sessions are based on the individual and their goals. Whether it’s fat loss, tone and tight, or build muscle. A personal trainer will keep you accountable so you can reach your goals. Must have fitness consultation prior to starting personal training.

Single Session | $65
6 Personal Training Sessions | $350 (save $40)
12 Personal Training Sessions | $675 (save $105)
24 Personal Training Sessions | $1300 (save $260)

Fitness Consult Single Session $30 – A 30 min meeting with a certified personal trainer. During the meeting you will review medical and exercise history, and perform a fitness assessment to establish your baseline fitness level. A trainer will use a Skulpt Scan to measure your body fat percentage and muscle quality. A copy of your Skulpt Scan will be provided when completed. A fitness consultation is required prior to starting private personal training sessions

Nutritional Coaching

Nutrition Consult Single Session $30 – A 30 min meeting with a certified nutrition coach. During the meeting, together we will identify goals and assess documentation that should be completed prior to meeting. Here we will collect information to start building a well-rounded nutritional gameplan.

Nutrition Coaching – Nutrition coaching helps individuals rediscover how to live life without restrictions. Through one-on-one sessions we will get to know each other, and start to uncover your relationship with food and your body. We will identify your long term goals, create an action plan and possible “next steps”. Our follow-up sessions keep you accountable for your smaller goals, and continue to “move the needle” to work through barriers to create a healthy lifestyle.

8 Session | $640| 8 Session Weekly |
8 Week Commitment